Global Educational Support Program

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  • Countries where the Korean diaspora live: Children and teenagers of the underprivileged Korean diaspora such as Central-Asia Korean and South American Koreans.
  • Developing Countries: Children and teenagers of Asian and African developing countries

Qualifications to Apply (Requirements)

  • being a global cooperative organization that is officially registered as a non-profit organization
  • having experiences in operating children-based or teenager-based educational programs
  • having local leadership
  • being qualified to operate and manage the program (e.g., financial accounting systems, systematic organization, ability to evaluate and monitor program, and provide proper equipment and facilities, such as phones and internet services)
  • being capable of managing the program in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Foundation Supports the Following in Detail

  • Financial aid for educational programs
  • Financial aid includes educational expenses and academic materials


  • April, May: Application receptions
  • June: Document evaluations, interviews, and the appraisal board’s final deliberations
  • July: Results announcement
  • July, August: Execution plan submission, and the first installments of the fund disbursement
  • January, February: Interim report and second installments of the fund disbursement
  • April, May: Self-evaluation report submission
  • July, August: Settlement report submission